Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get Informed About Home-Based Business Resources at iBlogZone

iBlogZone was founded by Francisco Perez aka. DiTesco. This blog's focus is to help home-based business owners, mostly for online businesses, by providing ample resources and tips. Most topics include blogging (of course), SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Wordpress, and other terms you may have encountered before if you have read some of my previous reviews.

But what's unique about iBlogZone is its number of supporters. I once browsed upon a post and reading comments from famous bloggers I've encountered before. Sometimes, that's what makes a blog possess some credibility in the eyes of their visitors and readers.

They are also into Domain Investing. If you would visit their Domains and Websites For Sale page, you would see all the domain names they have acquired that they are ready to sell. Additionally, they sell websites, too!

Domain Parking are one of the ways people make money online without blogging. Under the Domain Parking category they have posted an article titled "Domain Parking - Earn Extra Income With Domains." The post shows you how Domain Parking works and how to integrate ads on your parked domain. A parked domain basically means an unconstructed website with a domain name where all the contents are redirects to other sites. Most instances the owner of that parked domain put ads for income.

If that idea doesn't sounds great to you, a post titled "How To Make Money Without A Blog" lists other options like Ghostwriting (first time I've heard this term!) where a person writes in the name of other person and get paid by giving the ownership rights to them. Other techniques like getting a freelance job from oDesk are also posted.

If you are thinking of transferring from a Blogger platform to a self-hosted Wordpress blog, he also posted a 3 series guide about it. Since he experienced it himself (he is an ex-Blogger user now a Wordpress fellow), there's nothing more you could ask for from someone who has been through it all. Even I believe that migrating from Blogger to Wordpress is a tedious task, though I haven't experienced it (yet? Not sure.) See that he even divided it into three posts. By the way, here they are:

iBlogZone also accepts guest posts. One particular guest post I enjoyed reading is this post of Mr. Wong (The Bad Blogger) titled "The 3 Crappy Ideas About Blogging You Should Dump Right Away" where he talks about how most newbie bloggers get easily discouraged from blogging because of these myths.

They also post product reviews mostly Wordpress plugins and other online services.

It is cool how the blog got big numbers of comments on almost every post. This definitely is one blog worth visiting.

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