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Why is the Angry Latino So Mad?

This blog the voice of one Latin American who has a strong passion for making them, the Latinos, a meaningful part of the American history. He is no other than the Angry Latino. His name may sound pessimistic, but it's the strong part of the emotion that puts up this blog.

In case you didn't know where Latin America is...

Their tagline goes as:

"The Hispanic American Experience, Latino American Politics."

I admit that most of us here in the Philippines see America as a place where most people speak English (or American English if that's what you call them). But I am aware that the United States of America consists of diverse races. 

This blog talks about the heritage of Latino and Hispanic Americans. But who are they? This article from Wikipedia helps us understand the difference between the two. 

Quoted from the article:

"The choice of name depends on geography: Hispanic and Latino Americans who reside in the eastern United States tend to prefer the term Hispanic, whereas those in the west usually prefer Latino."

But due to how it is easy to commute or migrate from one place to another, you'll never know which is which unless you ask them. Sometimes, you can base it from the language they speak.

Hispanic if you see, has the root word -spanic, which mainly came from Spanish. The Hispanosphere, as some call it, consists of the Spanish-speaking countries. I was quite shocked that the Philippines is included on what they call the Hispanosphere, though I'm aware of our history of course. But the term is foreign to me. And so the Hispanic Americans are those from the American part of the Hispanosphere.

On the other hand, the Latinos which is derived from Latinoamericano, are those Romance-language speaking folks from the Northern, Central, and Southern America. These languages include but are not limited to Portugese, French, and Italian.

Now that you are aware of these info, you may now have a clue on why the Angry Latino formed this blog. This is so he could speak of and voice out concerns relating to politics and other culture-related issues that are mostly concerned by them.

The blog was created on November 2010. If you would visit their main page, you can still view the first post. I can say that unlike most blogs that is update regularly, this isn't. But, the good thing here is. This blog isn't really created just for the sake of being called a blog. If there is something needed to be voiced out, that's when they'll create their post. Post when there's something important to post, that's much of it.

I liked it how they included a Tumblr share button on every post. Tumblr is a great community for targeted niches. I would suggest though, that they edit their post URL: are very important to help crawlers distinguish the main keywords used in the post.

Last but not the least, I like the Angry Latino smiley. :-)

Credits: Photo of Latin American map and other information.

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