Monday, June 27, 2011

The Meek Watcher Watches Over Your Blogging Career

The Meek Watcher is a blog by a fellow Pinoy blogger, Mr. Ramcel Gatchalian. This blog is all about blogging - from starting your blogs, writing content, publishing your posts, getting a readership, and all things that will help you throughout your blogging career.

Meek Watcher is one fellow who believes that there is no 'secrets' in blogging, just the essential things you need to know. 

At first, you wouldn't notice that his is not a self-hosted Wordpress blog, but a Blogger blog! This is just one of the Blogger blogs out there who have chosen to stand out among the others by making their blog design uncommon yet easy to navigate.

I've noticed that the first post was just this May 2011. But I found out that before that, this blog used to post cool stuff about anything - entertainment news, food, things related to family, and many other topics. I believe he moved them to his other blog - Food Hoppings, be sure to check this out.

The blog is not just a bunch of how-tos and guides, it is quite of an enfotainment blog because of the style of writing used by Mr. Ramcel. It's like he's talking directly to you while you read his posts! That could be the reason my why he deserves to get a good amount of comments on his posts. It's really worth communicating with the post like you're communicating with the blogger himself.

The headlines or titles of the posts are catching, too. You may find yourself strolling deeper into the previous pages without you noticing it.

Also, I've noticed that on some of his posts, he have created series. These are posts connected to each other and you need to read the parts in order to get the resulting knowledge from reading the all of the series. (Resulting knowledge? What the heck is that?) Okay, I just invented it. You know, I sometimes use my own wording. Ha! Resulting knowledge is something that you would gain by getting some knowledge from different sources. Aha! You get it now? It's like adding the ingredients to make a recipe! :D

The blog sidebar is also clean. There's the popular posts widget so we know which posts are mostly read. Mostly read = Most entertaining. And there's also the Disqus widget, so we are aware of the recent interactions on the blog.

Since the first batch of posts are just way back May this year, it's still cool to have no Archive pages prepared yet. But I really recommend it once the blog has been around for 4 months and beyond~

I also think he could make an ebook if he wanted to. I know he could do it. If he plans to make one, it'll definitely be as awesome and as entertaining as the posts. So I'll be looking forward to that.

In summary, here are my favorite posts on The Meek Watcher:

The Meek Watcher is watching...

UPDATE! [06/29/2011] The Meek Watcher has opened its A-Store! Be sure to check out the goodies finely picked by The Meek Watcher himself. Give a new home to these awesome books. They're patiently waiting for you. :)

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