Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kill Yourself... on Social Networks.

This article is NOT about the real suicide, this is about the web program. 
I am NOT pro suicide. SUICIDE IS NOT COOL

Ever wanted to bring your real life back again? Web 2.0 Suicide Machine will do it for you! It's a web application that lets you delete your tweets on Twitter and friends on your MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts in a faster, smarter, and creative way.

If you ever feel like the time you spend on social networks ate up almost two thirds of your entire lifespan, it's time to think and make a decision whether you should stop spending your time with your virtual friends and playing virtual games. Sometimes, we got depressed about not having relationships on the real world but it's more depressing when we realized that instead of establishing real relationships, we just ended up creating imaginary ones.

Well, I'm not against social networking. Actually, I have lots of social networking accounts around the web. I honestly feel depressed whenever I compare my actual social life to the virtual life I have on the web. I always tell myself, "C'mon, go out of your room and try to make real friends." But at the end of the day, I always ended up checking my Facebook for notifications. Okay, so much for my story.

This program also has a feature where you can leave your last words on the social site. Remember, it will not delete your account, only your friends. So the thing here is, the program will tell your ex-virtual friends that you have killed yourself on the virtual world of socialization and invite them into real life interactions instead.

South Park featured Web 2.0 Suicide Machine on one of its episodes which you can download from this link. Stan Marsh committed Web 2.0 suicide when he can't take the number of his friends anymore.

Social networking on the web isn't bad. However, it is better to spend your time interacting with humans, not with machines. It's up to you. By the way, this program is free to use.

You can committ Web 2.0 suicide on

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