Thursday, May 26, 2011

MediaPass: The Easy Way To Charge For Your Online Content

MediaPass is an online service that lets you easily get paid for what you publish online by means of a premium subscription service. This is perfect for online publishing businesses or individuals who deserve to earn for what they publish, instead of passive income from obtrusive ads which may ruin their site's aesthetics and could be the hidden cause for the deduction of their professionalism points.

There are three available subscription options to choose from: the page overlay, in-page, and the video overlay.

The Page Overlay

As the name suggests, the subscription will pop up as a lightbox-like overlay when a post is clicked. Before viewing the content, the viewer must be a subscriber or a premium member.

This is perfect for/when:
  • You have quite a readership that are willing to pay to view your content.
  • Artists who have a large or dedicated fan base.
  • Podcasts, webisodes, ezines, writers who publish their works online.


The in-page option lets the viewers view the post. However, not all contents are shown.

This is perfect for/when:
  • You want to use the first paragraphs as a teaser.
  • You prefer to show an excerpt of your post/article.
  • Writers who want to tease the readers by revealing the first parts of the story.

The Video Overlay

The video overlay is somewhat similar to the page overlay. However, you are able to see the post but you cannot watch the video if you are not a subscriber.

This is perfect for/when:
  • Webisodes, or a series of episodes only available for streaming on the web.
  • Indie film creators who prefer to use the web to showcase their works while earning for what they worked on.
  • Online tutors who post tutorials, especially if they post their own techniques that are not seen elsewhere the web.
  • Online courses.

You have the ability to customize how the subscription form looks like, you can even upload your own logo. You can of course modify the cost per time duration. After the registration, you can go live in minutes. It is available on most publishing/blogging platforms:

Information is good when it's free. However, not all best things in life are free. You sometimes need to pay for  something worth paying to support and keep their services alive and kicking. Efforts, creativity, and other awesome talents I am unable to put into words (not to mention web hosting fees and the domain name registration fee) are always worth the cost.

To know more about MediaPass, visit

As this post seems to be a sponsored post, it's NOT. I just chose to feature this service as their support team shows some kickass attitude. By 'kickass' I mean awesome.

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