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Will There Be a Real Window Phone in the Future?

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Last year, there has been a popular talk on the gadget world when this Window phone was introduced to the public by This is a concept design of Seunghan Song where a glass phone can detect the weather and portray it on its screen.

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I actually first saw this on Tumblr months ago and I was amazed with it. Then after some research I discovered that it's not a real phone, just a conceptual design. So I wonder whether this kind of technology is possible to exist in the future.

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This is a glass phone and the first question we can think of is where the battery should be located (or the circuits per se). The design is sleek and minimalistic. It has the normal functions of a phone. You can send text messages and call without the use of keypads or stylus, as what you can see on the photos above, the user uses finger strokes to input data. Due to its minimalistic design, this phone is perfect for fashionistas who love to travel.

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So how is this going to be possible? With our current technology, glass and wires do not mix yet but I believe that it is still possible to have a glass effect on phones. Have you heard of the coat where you can have that invisibility effect when you wear it? It uses videos that capture the imagery on your back and plays it on the front part of the coat so people can see that it looks like transparent though it's really not.

Photo: The invisibility coat created by Professor Susumu Tachi, a scientist at Tokyo University.

Actually there is already this application on mobile phones which is called Road SMS, which you can see on the photo below.

Photo: Samsung's Road SMS feature.

Though it's not a real glass, it has that glass effect that you can see in a Window phone. You just remove the frame and program it to play a screensaver to portray the weather.

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