Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Facebook Advertising Facts You Should Know

Some days, Facebook can be a major drain, even to super savvy online marketers. Here are a handful of Facebook advertising facts you should know:

1. Over 2 million active advertisers are on Facebook, making this advertising platform incredibly competitive. Only ads with high quality appeal and content will perform the best and be seen the most.

2. Every day, there are over 700 million visits to Facebook from a mobile device. That number is growing, too. Even the best Facebook ads don’t automatically guarantee that included links are to mobile-friendly websites.

3. Mobile advertising accounts for 66% of all Facebook advertising revenue. This number is growing, which means that advertisers need to take advantage of the mobile market.

4. Over just one quarter in 2014, Facebook users purchased $234 million worth of goods via Facebook. Customers are not scared to rely on Facebook when it comes to spending money online.

5. If you want to lower your cost-per-click, target ads using custom audiences instead of narrowing them down by just interest or category.

6. Before they “like” a Facebook page, 21% of fans research that business’ products or services. Use your Facebook page to educate your audience about your brand. This is your opportunity to talk directly to potential customers.

7. Brands that are socially devoted, meaning they engage with their fans and respond to questions as quickly as possible, get almost four times as much interaction as brands that aren’t social devoted.

Remember that your Facebook page is a direct channel to your customers, and your means of keeping them in the loop when it comes to your brand. Make sure to post on a regular schedule so you can keep and grow your fan base. 

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