Friday, September 13, 2013

Vine Videos: a New Way for eCommerce Business

Vine videos are making waves in the ecommerce industry lately. The newly introduced feature of sharing six seconds, looping videos that are called vines can be easily shared on different social media networks. With this special feature of Vine videos, marketers are seeing its potential as an effective online marketing tool in promoting their online site.

With an editable video clip in stop-motion-style animation video, you will certainly have a unique way of being creative in your brand marketing approach using the features of vine videos in addition to your ecommerce marketing scheme. Here are some of the ingenuities of ecommerce marketers of using Vine videos to promote their business.

Giving your viewers a tour on your business

Through a brief video clip, you can showcase the important features about your ecommerce business including the products and services that they can expect from it. You can even show a behind the scene activities of your dedicated and hardworking employees. Making short but compelling Vine videos that will give your customers a glimpse on how your business operates will give them the opportunity to realize the value of your services. With the vine videos showing off real people who are the workforce of your business will help you gain your customers’ trust. This is the most important part of presenting your Vine videos to your customers as the majority of the consumers are likely to trust the people behind the brand and not mainly on the brand itself. 

Creating a sneak peak video on how to use your product

Vine videos is a great tool of attracting your potential customers by providing them short clips of videos that will be enticing enough to make them want to know more about your product as netspysoftware. Within 6 seconds of sneak peak video preview, you can show your potential customers how your product can help them without providing much detail to keep them wanting for more. Vine video is a great tool to market your ecommerce business by highlighting the unique and special feature of your business or product that will encourage the viewers to visit your ecommerce site. This is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your site as well. 

Encourage customers to participate on your ecommerce website contest

Online marketers are creating contests on their ecommerce site by allowing their customers to create a short video clip from Vine video to showcase the unique way of using their particular product. The contestant will certainly find the challenge of unleashing their creativity in showing off a great video that is as short as six seconds only. With all the excitement and fun involved, ecommerce websites are able to get improved traffic as more people try to view the Vine videos of every contestant on their site. Who knows, a unique Vine video entered by a contestant on your site goes viral and that helps boost your ecommerce site traffic too.

Sharing tips and useful information

The consumers are always in search for information online. Using the Vine video, you can create a brief introduction about a particular product or tips on how to use one without giving all the details. You can use the Vine video by sharing a very short video clip that will be enticing enough to make people more interested of continuing watching the video directly to your ecommerce site. A simple interesting insight about a topic or tips that you can present using the Vine video can attract more viewers to check out your ecommerce website. 

Going Social With Vine Video

Ecommerce marketers are using Vine videos to become visible in the social media community. With a short video clip that you can upload to your social media account, you can easily make a quick traffic referral of your ecommerce site with the help of social sharing. With the social media as a powerful tool to use for ecommerce marketing, Vine videos are helping marketers to attract social media users to visit their ecommerce site by showcasing a short but interesting video clips about their products and services. The Vine video is also widely used by many ecommerce marketers to present teaser videos about their new products, secret coupon codes that the interested viewer may redeem from their ecommerce site and other creative ways of attracting people to check out your brand and interesting services.

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