Monday, May 9, 2011

Build your About.Me page before anyone grabs your URL!

I am hearing cries and shouts telling me, "Oh, another social network thing again, give me a break!" But hold on, this is not a social network. Yes, it may be a social medium; but it is not similar to Facebook or Twitter. Instead, About.Me is a space where you can showcase yourself - in a simple and neat one-page profile.

Your About.Me page serves as your digital business card.

Another neat thing about this is - you can customize the URL of your page. Mine can be found on Cool, huh? What isn't cool is if you haven't registered yet, especially if your name is John Smith or Michael Cruz. I advise you to leave this article at once and register now! (Yes, I'm mad but I'm serious.) You don't want to regret having others deprive you from your online identity rights. Excuse the drama.

You can also add links to your other online identities, i.e., your Facebook profile (if your posts are set to public, it is viewable on your About.Me profile when the Facebook icon is clicked); Twitter (your status feed, who you reply to, who retweeted you); feeds from your blogs - Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, Posterous, Typepad; and many others. There is also a button where your profile visitors can email you, without disclosing your email address to them.

The Social Media/Feeds/Email Icons 
My Wordpress blog feed - this is what appears when you click
the Wordpress icon on my About.Me page.

The email form - when you click the Email Me icon.

Another cool thing is you can track the number of page views, visitors, and those who links to your About.Me page. The Dashboard area is sure filled with awesome profile analytics tools.

You can also bookmark some profiles you want to stalk that interest you by adding them to your favorites.

A little history...

About.Me was founded on October 2009 by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young from True Ventures. It was acquired by AOL four days before it launched, that was just last December 2010. It was sold for $1.3 million.

That's it! If you have your About.Me page already, feel free to share it on the comments section below so I could check it out! :)

Visit About.Me for more info.

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