Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative ways to make use of those defective CDs and DVDs

Prompt: Insert a blank disc.       *inserts a blank disc*

Error: Cannot write to this disc. Make sure you inserted a proper disc.
Error: Cannot read disc. Try with another one.
Error: The disc inserted on your cd drive is unwritable.

Okay... So what am I going to do with this now?

It's either your CDs have gone mad and won't work OR you just prefer the cloud for storage and wants get rid of those so-called 'outdated' technology. If you think all you could do is to throw them away and help the environment suffer more, think again.

There are LOTS of things you can do with those CDs and DVDs. 

One day I realized I've collected a pretty amount of defective CDs and asked myself what the hell could I do to them. After nanoseconds of brainstorming, an idea popped inside my head like a popcorn. I prepared my acrylic paint.

Photo posted on my Tumblr.
And the finish product:

Photo posted on my Tumblr.

I've also made other designs but I already gifted them to my friends last Christmas. That's not all. Here's the back part (the shiny part of the CD), which I also covered with acrylic paint and engraved my name.

The shiny effect on the carvings made it looked so nice. I also tried it on black acrylic paint which looks much better.

I also used them to design my bookshelf a little bit.

DVDs are blue. CDs are silver. My bookshelf is shining. Make yours shine, too.

Others also made good use of defective CDs...

Photo by Recyle Racoon: Reused CD turned into a coffee cup coaster
Photo by Oraos: Eve's CD Dress
Photo by Courtney: CD Dress
Photo: Fish decoration made from CDs
Photo: Brilliant Shingled Roof Made From Reused CDs by James Williams
Photo: Panda Chair by Belen Hermosa

There are many other ways which you can make use of those CDs and DVDs, if you prefer not to reuse them, you may send them to a recycling program near you.

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