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Should Facebook Ban All Sites Under the .Co.Cc Domain?

Photo: Domo-kun cosplaying as Facebook.
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If you are aware of free domain registration services like, you might also have heard of the domain. From's website, it is a Free Domain Name Registration + Free DNS Service. However, registering a website only provides you a subdomain registration. Because originally, .Cc is a country code top-level domain for Cocos Islands in Australia. And is a domain registered under the .Cc domain, which makes another domain under the a subdomain. So in reality, you are only registering a subdomain unlike that of's. 

Last year, Facebook won't let you post any links under the domain. 

Do we even bother? Maybe people would suggest that you should just buy your own domain name because it's cheap anyway. However, is that enough reason to just let your website get banned?

I have registered my personal website under the domain. Not that I can't afford a domain name, it's because I find it impractical to pay for a personal website because I'm not yet even earning anything then and I really have no reason to pay for a domain name.

So first, I registered on However, my website got suspended because of lack of traffic. (They require atleast 25 unique visits per 90 days.) And so if you would visit it would take you to a page with ads, or a domain parking site so to speak.

Since I just want my presence online without caring about traffic or whatsoever, I chose to register under a domain ( which only requires you to update your registration once a year, regardless of the number of visits on your site. Plus, the green logo does not match the theme color of my website.

Then of course, I posted my personal website info on my Facebook profile to let my friends know about it. It worked fine. That was around third quarter of last year. 

So then around October, I did a major renovation on my personal website and made it into a Flash website. Of course I want to let my friends know I changed the design so I tried to share my link on Facebook. But this popped out:

I was surprised and thought my website has been hacked or what. I checked out my website and it looked fine. So I thought, since the service is free, there are many abusers. And so to post my website I had to put gian-faye *dot* co *dot* cc on my status. (Geez.)

But~ my profile info still has the link to my personal website because I haven't removed it since I posted it before the domain was banned from Facebook. So it's still there.

However, recently I want to add my blogs to my Website info on Facebook. After clicking the save button, this showed up:

And so it's either I remove my personal website on my Facebook profile and be able to add my blogs, or to retain it there but can't add new info.

If you've read my article "CAPTCHAs: Do we really have to suffer?" you may notice that both of these articles are somewhat related - both are rooted from the issue about spamming, the most infective activity on the world wide web AND spammers, the most annoying existence on the world wide web.

But the question is, Do these security measures kill spam? No. Spammers will find and will not stop looking for possible alternatives to be able to spam. In the end, it's only us who's always taking the burden and the punishment. In the end, it's us who needs to adapt to spammers' existence, which kinda sucks.

UPDATE! (March 25, 2011) - I can now post my website on my profile again! Good news for those who are using this service. Thank you, Facebook!

UPDATE: (July 01, 2011) - I've long moved away from using this domain. And just recently, Google banned and delisted every domain under

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Too bad, the .Co.Cc team hasn't done anything with the spamming and abuse.
Google has taken its action.

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Photo Domo-kun cosplaying as Facebook edited by Gian Faye.
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