Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NoteSlate: The Monochrome Paper-Alike Tablet Device

Last week while bloghopping, I saw this post on It shows a sleek tablet that looks almost like a paper at first glance. Well, not because of the texture, but how the scribbles are made on the tablet. It looks so real! According to their website, "NoteSlate is low technology tablet device with true one color display, real paper look design and long life battery."

Unlike other gadgets, NoteSlate is a back to basics technology and only has a 1-bit display. The idea of it is simple - you use the tablet as a writing pad. However, the customizable approach which gives the users a personal touch of whatever he/she does with the device is what attracts people to want to use the device. 

Since I'm a solar energy enthusiast myself, I was glad when I first knew that NoteSlate can be solar powered. Of course low technology = lower power consumption. 

And the coolest thing about this is, it's open source. Yes, you are given the full freedom to explore the device, which opens doors to development and further education of the device.

If you think that by being monochrome only means black and white, well think again. Just so you know, NoteSlate has 5 different color types:

The NoteSlate was introduced early on January this year and already has 43,000+ likes on Facebook. It is said to be available to purchase on June 2011 for only $99.

For the full list of specifications and features, visit

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