Wednesday, February 16, 2011

doc2PDF: A free and versatile document-to-PDF converter

Hey readers! This is a quick blog post about this online converter tool that had helped me for years. This is a feature post about doc2PDF, a free online tool that lets you convert Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx) to PDF (.pdf) documents. I also used this to convert OpenOffice (.odt) documents to PDFs. As I say, it's versatile. Since doc2PDF has been a great help, I want to return the favor by featuring them here at L-I.

Yes, the interface looks boring. But so what? If this tool lets you convert documents in seconds, you wouldn't even bother to take a look the site. I wouldn't even have to post a How-to on this. My support for this tool soared after I read about some of its history. Like back then when the developer's student life was filled with professors who gave them assignments on .doc format. Like how they are forced to purchase an expensive software just for that purpose (because most of them use Linux). This definitely is an interesting existence.

doc2PDF is also available in 6 different languages. You can also donate to help support the site. Visit for more info.

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