Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yahoo! has been April-fooled bigtime, the Tsotsis Way

This year's been the best of April Fool's Day pranks exhibition. Bigshot identities got their hands dirty bringing up the most awesome prank they could provide. Others, got themselves April-fooled. And the bigtime April Fool's Day victim award goes to... Yahoo!

Ah, you gotta love Alexia Tsotsis. She could both grab the most hated and the most favorite TechCrunch writer. All she does it do her thing.

And so if you didn't know yet, Tsotsis recently published an article on TechCrunch that Facebook will be acquiring a startup that let's you connect with your friends with benefits...

Link: Facebook In Talks To Buy Bang With Friends

The story almost got me, too. It was a cool idea, though. Ha.

And then.... Yahooled!

Link: Facebook in talks to acquire Bang with Friends, TechCrunch reports

Let's see how long will this be up.

Best. April. Fool's. Day. Prank. Ever.

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