Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Watch Star Wars in ASCII on your Command Prompt or Terminal

If you are a total internet geek, you might already have stumbled upon this awesome find. To those who haven't dug the interwebs enough to find this, here's how to watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in ASCII. You're welcome.

Before any of this, you need to have a telnet client on your system. If you are not yet familiar with telnet, it is a network protocol mostly used to access other devices on your network remotely. On your Mac or Linux, you can do telnet requests directly on your Terminal application. On your Windows PC, you need to enable it first. You need to go to your Control Panel > Programs, then Turn Windows features on or off. Tick to check and enable Telnet Client. If this process is not for your operating system, just do a quick Google search or install one of these Telnet clients available.

After this, you can run your Command Prompt (Start > Run > type cmd and press Enter. OR press Windows key and R and type cmd and press Enter) After you opened your Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on Mac, type telnet and press Enter.

There you go, enjoy Star Wars in ASCII!

If you don't want to bother doing any of the above and just want to watch Star Wars in ASCII, you may watch directly on your web browser by visiting

Original work: Simon Jansen | Telnetification: Sten Spans | Terminal Tricks: Mike Edwards
Stumbling upon this awesome find courtesy of CS253: Web Applications Engineering.

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