Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Communicating Professionally Through Effective Media and Design

One of the crucial and most important aspects an organization should have is an effective communication within its network. Without a strong foundation of this network, everything will crash. To be able to acquire an effective communication, we need an effective medium. Media and design is very essential. But what is media? And how does design contribute to this communication structure?

Traditional vs Digital

Today, we are in between the usage of traditional and digital media. Long ago, where the digital doesn't exist, we rely mostly on mechanical and kinetic forces to do most things. Then, came the digital era. We are living on this timeline where we still both use paper and your computing device to store information. But in decades time everything would be hosted on the cloud, and all offices - paperless. So how would you decide to run your organization? Would you advance and throw away the traditional-oldies way and go all-digital? It's up to you.

Problem Solving

Most problem solvers say, you must solve a problem or an error as soon as you have spotted it. But why do  a percentage of organizations still doesn't abide with this rule of thumb? Priorities - it is. "That's a small problem, let's first fix the big one." If this is your mindset then your organization is going through a big hole of a bigger problem. Smaller problems tend to grow. What does this have to do with media? If you do have an effective media and a well-structured design, smaller problems - specially if they are more in numbers - should be separated from the bigger problems and not queue them in one line.


Two brains are better than one. Well, quite a quote. If you do have an outstanding organization, meaning you do not have your employees as cogs in your machinery, you would let them share to you their ideas. If you are a good employer, why would you hire losers in your organization in the first place? Your employees' ideas matter.


The antonym of design is discord. Design doesn't always mean aesthetics. An effective design meets harmony. When you notice that there is more chaos within your organization than productivity, then there is the need to change and rethink your strategies - and communicate them properly to every member of your organization.

In conclusion, once you noticed a crack on the wall of your newly built office, the structure of your building was not designed well. The architect and engineer has something to do with it.


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