Monday, April 15, 2013

Coderbits: Interactive Portfolios for Developers and Designers

Programmers and creatives, you can now show your specific skills, the tools and environments you mostly use, the languages you are most familiar with, and your best traits in one place (and all up-to-date) with Coderbits.

Scenario 1: You are an experienced programmer and you have this online portfolio thing where you can show all the things you've done and created. You also participate in many activities and projects elsewhere from time to time. Yes, we get it. You are busy and you cannot just update your portfolio for every activity you are doing. But those activities, no matter how little pieces they may seem, build up and define who you are as a coder. And they matter to you.

Scenario 2: You are a total newbie and your mind is clouded with all these things you want to learn. You want to track everything, every accomplishment - as you accomplish them. And you also want to have them as fun and as challenging as you do them.

Well, here's CoderbitsAll your accomplishments and contributions from all your linked accounts, and the skills accumulated from your records will be reflected on your Coderbits profile. 

The best feature of Coderbits is its Profile Builder where you could link all your coding havens around the interwebs. May it be with the social coding network Github to online learning hubs like Coursera and Codecademy, the inner coder in you would sprout like a child being able to show off their toys to their friends; or, if you are the humble type bite me, just plainly establishing your coder profile.

After linking an account, Bit Munkey (Coderbits mascot) will crawl through your linked profile to gather your activities. The results will determine if you actually have the skills associated with your activity. It also detects your top languages, skills, environments, and more - and illustrate them into dirty little pie charts.

To further worsen your excitement, here's a screenshot of the upper part of the Profile Builder:

There is also a widget which you can embed on your blog or website and includes all the badges you collected from your coding wizardry. Pretty neat, huh?

Like coding and other stuff, you'll never really going to get things done until you get your hands dirty. If you decided to join, I bet you'll check your Coderbits profile more often than your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

As of this typing you need invitation keys to sign up. Feel free to use mine. Don't worry, everything's free and I'm not getting paid for this. I'm just spreading the awesomeness. You may also follow me here if you want.

See you around and happy productive coding!

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