Monday, April 11, 2011

Toll Free Forwarding: Business Without Borders, Literally

Out of curiosity, boredom, and the desire to experience something unusual and adventurous, I searched for ways on how to get a US phone number without actually subscribing for one. Then I stumbled to and just like my regular sitehopping habits, I really don't give much importance to sites I haven't heard before. So I was just randomly checking this out. Since they have a Free trial and I need not to spend a dime, I signed up.

Then after a while, I received a call. It is a foreign number and I was slightly mystified. From where would the call might be? Then, I answered it. The lady introduced herself as someone from TollFreeForwarding. And she was verifying if it was really me who entered the mobile number or signed up of their service. I was a little scared (here comes noobity, excuse me) that I have to pay after the trial and so I asked them. They told me it would cost $9.99 per month. But I would choose to whether to continue or not.

And so, this site is legit. I slightly felt guilty that my signing up for their service wasn't for any business, that they even made an international call to my mobile to ask whether I have any other questions and stuff. And so this is me repaying them for such an outstanding service. They didn't pay for this post and they don't even know about this blog but I still want to feature them as I was astonished by their service.

The trial lasts for 10 days so I still have 8 days remaining for the service. They provided a $10 balance on my account which is included in the trial. 

Here's my temporary US number: 1-928-227-1011.You still have 8 days for a chance to call me. I want to share it so my applying for their service won't go to waste and for a chance to chat with me. If you want to ask anything feel free to drop a call.

You can call me if you want to to:
  • Ask me to design/redesign your blog for FREE.* (Blogger blogs only.)
  • Have a FREE advertising space on my blog.* (1 month max, any size appropriate for my blog)
  • Hire me on a web project for FREE.* (PHP/JavaScript, or other else, I could learn any language I want anytime.)
  • Ask for help on your homework for FREE.* (Algebra included.)
  • Ask me to test your project/invention and blog about it for FREE.* (As long as it's related to my niche.)
  • Ask for advice about anything for FREE.* (Can't find a good name for your new band? Ask me.)
  • Give feedback on my blog. (Ugly fonts? Inappropriate post? Annoying ads? Tell me.)

* while boredom lasts. 
* opportunity ends after my trial to TollFreeForwarding ends.

If you are not sure about the quality of service I'm going to give you, print screen this post, ask me, then if I did something that doesn't suit your standards and refuses to admit it, you could blackmail me and ruin the rest of my life. I'm serious.

Gian Faye, L-I Headmaster

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