Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hello Bar: The Little Toolbar That Gets Noticed + 5 Invites

See that wiggling little arrow on the upper-right corner of this blog? That's The Hello Bar. 

UPDATE: I have removed it. It's been an awesome experience with the Hello Bar. ☺ But I occasionally need to change my blog's look every now and then.

UPDATE (again): I brought it back. :)

The Hello Bar is another innovative product by Digital-Telepathy, the team behind the SlideDeck. I first encountered The Hello Bar on a blog and to be honest, it's the first thing I noticed. It seems like there's something on that little toolbar that's saying "Click me or you're gonna miss something you don't wanna miss." There's a mental telepathy going on between the user and the toolbar. Is this what D-T does? Or is it their hidden power?

With all kiddings aside, The Hello Bar is something you should put into your blog. This is not a promotion or something. I ain't even got paid for featuring this. I seriously recommend this little piece of product. It's free, uncommon, and makes your visitors curious.

Click to enlarge: Editing my Hello Bar
There are lots of options by which you can customize your Hello Bar: 
  • toolbar color and message/link text color
  • message and link text
  • duration before it shows/hide
  • duration before the arrow tab wiggles
  • whether it is hidden and needed to be clicked before it pops down
  • arrow tab display: upper-left or upper-right
  • whether the toolbar is closeable or not
Those are by Manual settings, however you can use the Hello Bar as a headliner to your RSS feeds by clicking the Feeds setting.

You can even set it to post your Tweets by using the #HelloBar hashtag.

You can also check the status of your toolbar (i.e., number of impressions and clickthroughs).

Stats for the Hello Bar on
Recently, there is a The Hello Bar Pro announced. If you have an account, you can acquire a free 15-day trial.

As of this date, there is no sign-up page available for you to register yet. This product is currently open for invited members only. You can request an invite by providing your e-mail. However, I have 5 invitations I'm willing to give away. Yes, you heard it right, this is a giveaway.

Giveaway Details

There's nothing I would require you to do other than send me a message via L-I's contact form. You just need to put "The Hello Bar Invitation" as the subject and tell me anything you want on the message.

This is a First-Come First-Serve giveaway and after I have received 5 invitation requests, I will update this post.

You don't have to be a blog follower to enter this giveaway. You just need to have an e-mail address where I could send the invitation. Plus, let me know which site you're putting The Hello Bar into (e.g., your blog URL) so I could check it out. :) Isn't that easy?

0 Invitation left

The invitations were sent to Christian, DJ, Sean, Arkadiusz, and Marshall respectively.
Thanks for participating on this giveaway! Enjoy your Hello Bar. ☺

The Hello Bar is a product of Digital-Telepathy
Visit for more info.

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