Sunday, June 29, 2014

Optimizing Your eStore

Running an online business takes a lot of dedication and a lot of careful attention to your marketing plans. If no one knows about your store, how can anyone visit to shop what you have to offer? There are many ways to can get your target audience to your eCommerce store, but one of the most common and most successful ways is to optimize your site with search engine optimization (SEO). An eCommerce search engine optimization plan will have you appearing in more searches to the audience that you want.

The goal of optimizing your website is to get the right people to come visit it. The right people for an eCommerce store is those visitors who are most likely to turn into paying customers. The key to getting those customers are the keywords used. These keywords can be placed in numerous places throughout your eCommerce site including written content, meta data, product descriptions and caption for photos or videos. However, not all keywords will help you get a well-optimized site. 

If you are selling books, for example, you may choose a variety of keywords related to the kinds of books you sell and selling books in general. There are many websites that already utilize the most common keywords, so it would be very hard to get onto the first page with an organic search. However, coming up with more creative keywords that still accurately describe what you are selling can help you reach a more narrow audience. That means they are more likely to buy and you will be able to end up on the top page of their search results. 

Once your keywords are in place, the next level of optimization is examining the statistics coming from these keywords. Your analysis will help you determine which keywords are helping you boost sales and which are duds. After a few weeks of examining the keywords, you can see where you are going strong and where you may have to make a few tweaks to the keywords or keyword placement. Whether your SEO tactics are strong from the beginning or whether you need to change them up every few months, it is a worthwhile investment for your eCommerce site.

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