Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Local Online Search has Replaced the Yellow Pages

Due to the nature of mobile technology, search engines have all but driven the once coveted yellow pages to near extinction. As more than four billions smartphones are in the pockets of people world wide, the need for immediate results has become apparent. Instead of flipping through a phone book that weighs more than three pounds, people can simply type in virtually anything they are looking for and find the closest local suppliers of those goods or services.

Aside from the incredible speed of search for local establishments, search engines such as Google include reviews about such businesses. This is a feature that the yellow pages don't provide. At a glance, a user can determine if the business is worth the risk based on the experiences of others. This aspect can also help the establishment become more attractive to customers by examining similar reviews and building a strategy to address the points that the majority seems to experience.

Mobile technologies are not the only devices people are using to search for local businesses. Those on desktop computer systems can find a service or product within their local area in a fraction of the time as it would take to dig out the phone book and thumb through the pages. The Internet can be used as quite the tool outside of Facebook and YouTube.

Search engines can also provide a map to the prospective location detailing the distance and average travel time as well. This can make up an individual's mind of whether or not the travel is worth the time invested. Given all of these traits for any given local business, a person can do a quick search for pizza and find local establishments nearby complete with directions and customer reviews. None of this could happen without proper online marketing local business practices.

Marketing has moved from the ads in the paper and television commercials into the digital world. Although traditional media can still play a role in attracting customers, mobile strategies are just as important, if not more so, than any ad a business may run on the radio. While business owners may be able to do some of this marketing on their own, there is far more success attributed to the marketing prowess of professionals. These individuals spend a great deal of time learning and discovering the best methods to attract attention to the business through online methods. Improve the efficiency of your establishment by finding professionals that can maximize your online presence. The yellow pages just don't have the capacity for the same innovative exposure.

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