Friday, July 4, 2014

Ooh, My Brain: Daily Dose of Optical Illusions and Mindblowing Tricks

Optical illusions always amaze us. Kids or grown kids, everyone gets their mind blown when they get to witness illusions. Ooh, My Brain...! is a blog dedicated to give you daily dose of brain stretching with images, videos, and audios, that will make your own mind trick you.

Illusions are what our mind perceives visually but is actually not what you think it is. One good example is this image from their Friday theme It’s Funday Friday Optical Illusion Day!

Grab a ruler and see for yourself!

They also have a Monday special called Mess With Your Head Monday Illusion with the video below from one of their posts under Video Illusions.

Extremely mindblowing.

The photo above looks like a female riding a motorcycle. But if you look closely enough, they are actually models with their body painted and posing as the motorcycle. Ooh, My Brain...! also features illusions brought to life using Body Art.

Not so very popular and extremely rare type of illusions are Audio Illusions, which is different from visual illusions, but you'll get the same level of amazement as with the other illusions. We hope to be seeing more of this category!

The most exciting part of optical illusions and mind trickery is the element of surprise. You think you know what it is and what it does. But it's always not what you expected. This is where the fun comes from.

Ooh, My Brain...!
is a relatively new blog with already more than 8k Likes on Facebook. It is certainly one blog to watch for.

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