Monday, March 7, 2011

FileDen: Marked by Google as a Malware-Distributing Site

Yesterday, while checking my blog, a malware warning appeared on my browser. It says that the site I'm visiting contains contents from FileDen, a site that is known to distribute malware. I was shocked, then I posted it to Twitter. Someone responded that they are getting the malware warning, too. However, the only files I uploaded on FileDen are photos on my old blog posts. So, I assure you that L-I is 100% safe to browse. Read more to see the details.

FileDen - Free file hosting and online storage
As I said, the only files I uploaded on FileDen are photos from my previous blog posts. I already have edited some of them and replaced the photos which is now uploaded on my Picasa web album. Second, I already replaced the FileDen hosted photos which were visible when you visit my homepage, so now, you wouldn't get the warning when visiting my homepage. However, you would still get the warning when you visit my old blog posts which I have not edited yet. 

Click to enlarge.
If you could see from the photo above, the only files I have on FileDen are photos. And it marked my PNG files are malwares. I'm not sure if a malware can be embedded on a PNG image but I think it couldn't be. (I'll research on this.)

Here's the screenshot of the diagnostic page from Google:

Click to enlarge
As you see, the diagnostic report says that from 2397 pages tested on in the last 90 days, 154 pages resulted in malware unknowingly being downloaded and installed on the user's computer.

The last time Google visited the site was on March 5, 2011 and the suspicious content were found which includes:
  • 167 scripting exploits
  • 64 trojans
  • 18 exploits

And successful infection resulted in an average of 1 new process on the user's system.

The said malicious software is hosted on 3 domains:
And 1 network: AS14141 (WIRESIX)

14 sites were infected by the intermediary action of FileDen resulting to further distribution of malware including:

The malware has totally infected 913 domains including:

Since FileDen offers free file hosting services, it is prone to abuse. According to their post on Facebook, FileDen has identified and is currently working on the said issue.

As for me, I'm on the process of transferring the photos hosted on my FileDen account to my Picasa Web album. 

This event reminds me of my post about being banned on Facebook because of spamming issues. Even though these sites offer legitimate services, abuses like these can easily put them down. I hope they'll solve this issue as soon as possible because as I'm typing this, FileDen is still in a hell hole.

UPDATE: A FileDen representative said that they already have fixed this issue. (I can't visit their site though.) I'll update you again later.

You can visit FileDen at

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