Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chrometa: It's Time to Evaluate your Activities

Another day has passed and the moon's already smiling at you. What have you accomplished today? You spent hours in front of your pc and who knows what you did? Well, Chrometa knows. *grin* Chrometa, a software built from the Java framework, will do all the job for you. It tracks all the programs you used and the time you spent with them.

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Using this, you can evaluate whether you had a productive day or not. If not, you can see which programs ate most of your time. This program is also useful to:

  • Students. Tell your groupmates you've been working on your project. Export your logs to an excel file and show 'em you worked hard.
  • Companies. Secretly install this to your office computers and see what your employees are doing! Catch 'em peeking at their Facebook during office time.
  • Freelancers. Show your clients a proof you've been working on the project - on time. You can also use this as a proof if your clients accuse you of idleness.
  • Parents. Track your kids' activities on their computer and online. Tracking them secretly is more effective than knowing what they do when you're there. Tip: You can password protect the program so they couldn't modify the records if they found out.
  • Super web surfers. Just looking at your browser history is not enough. You should know which websites you're most addicted at.
  • Anyone. You install it, it runs on the background, only check it if you want to.

The good news is, you can have it for free. The original price is $99 but you can acquire a license for free by entering your email address on this page (not this blogpost, follow the link) and they'll send the license code to your email.

You can download it by going to this link.

There is also a web version of Chrometa but it's only available for free to students. You can only acquire a free 30-day trial. See their pricing page for more info.

Chrometa is a product of Chrometa LLC. Visit their site at

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