Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desktop clutter? Fence it!

Stardock FencesTM (or simply FencesTM) is a software created by Stardock Corporation that is used to organize your desktop. Using FencesTM, you can group your desktop icons, label that group, and hide all of them at once. 

Here is a screenshot of my desktop:

You can customize them: color, opacity, size and position. 

The good thing is there are built-in layouts that you can choose from if you are to busy (or lazy) to resize and position your Fences. 

Upon double-clicking the desktop, all of the desktop icons will be hidden. The is also an option where you can exclude icons from that Quick-Hide feature (e.g. the Recycle Bin).

I installed FencesTM for just about a minute and ~ a clean and organized desktop. No clutter, no confusion, less time for the icon hunting on a crowded desktop. :-)

Visit Stardock.com for more info.

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