Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heya Readers! This is Update v.02! :-)

First of all, I want to say thank you to my subscribed readers via RSS and to all of those who often drop by to check out my articles. As of now the numbers keep changing. The day before yesterday, the numbers of readers are 8, then the next day it moved up to 15, then dropped to 6, then 5, then now moved up again to 8. I can honestly say that whenever the numbers dropped, I can feel my heart being hit a hundred times per nanosecond. haha. I'm not kidding. But when they moved up, I became happy all of a sudden. 

So why am I writing this? Well, my first agenda here is to explain to you a new idea of mine. As what I have said, when I created this blog last month, it will supply you with random information DAILY. However, these past few days, I wasn't able to do so and I apologize for that. I recently attended seminars and if you still don't know, I'm still studying - as in STUDENT + DYING. haha. You know those paper works that you really don't want to do in the first place and ended up being queued on your To-Do list? So I did all of those in 2-3 days, haha. I did a great job being a procrastinator, didn't I? And so, for me not to fail that subject, I did those papers from our Technical Writing subject. XD

So what is that idea then? Well, as what you can see, I do post random topics on random niches. Now, I thought of why not set a pattern? A framework per se. So that it will look more organized and readers won't get confused or lost or whatever you call it.

So, since I post daily, I set the pattern on a daily basis. So here they go:

Sun - General Information (Top 10s, Did You Know?, World Records, etc.)
Mon - Visual Arts (Fashion, Photography, Contemporary Art, etc.)
Tue - Advocacies (Issues, Concerns, Problems, Solutions, etc.)
Wed - Literature/Writing (Books, Authors, Poetry, etc.)
Thu - Business (Tips, Companies, Business Trends, etc.)
Fri - Science (Technology, Applied Sciences, etc.)
Sat - Music/Entertainment (Artists, Bands, Movies, etc.)

General Sunday | Visual Monday | Talk Tuesday
ReadWrite Wednesday | Business Thursday
SciTech Friday | Scoop Saturday

How's that sound? So I'll be starting tomorrow. See you around! ☻

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