Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Considering cloud computing? In the past, businesses had to run programs from software that was on an actual comptuer (or at least on a nearby server). Today, that software can live on the cloud, i.e. the Internet; not on your physical computer. What are the benefits to cloud computing, though? Read on.

1. Globalize Your Business

Since your employees don’t have to be in your actual office to access your software, you can employ people around the globe, which can cut down on a number of expenses.

2. Reduce Costs

Aside from the cost of employing workers, you won’t need to spend excess money on software, hardware, licensing fees, etc. The cloud is great for scalability, which means that as your business grows, the software will grow with it - you won’t need to purchase more software down the line.

3. Accessibility

Thanks to the cloud, you can access your company’s software any time, from anywhere. Emergency issues can be tackled immediately and you can work from home or vacation when necessary.

4. Recover from a Disaster Quickly

Thanks to the cloud, detailed and complex recovery systems are no longer needed. According to the Aberdeen Group, cloud-based companies resolved problems approximately four times faster than businesses that didn’t use the cloud.

5. Painless Software Updates

Those days of your in-house employees managing site security are over. The company that supplies the cloud computing also handles software updates and security issues for you. Your software will be updated multiple times a year at no extra cost.

6. Pay As You Go

Most cloud computing suppliers let businesses pay as they go, which means you only pay for what you use. This is great news for startups, which don’t typically have a lot of money upfront to pour back into the business.

7. The Cloud is Easy to Use

Most companies find that their employees don’t need anything more than minimal training when it comes to the cloud. Cloud applications are easily installed on web browsers and the interfaces are similar to common sites like Yahoo!, which makes it a cinch for most people to use.

8. Security is Increased

Some people feel that the cloud is less secure than traditional software, but in truth, it’s more secure. Cloud suppliers have extremely strict security standards to abide by.

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