Thursday, November 8, 2012

App Review: Free Music Download Pro by Apps2Be

Loading-Info's first mobile app review goes to Apps2Be's Free Music Download Pro, a music app where you could download free music and videos straight to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch devices. Technically, we use iTunes to get music into our iOS devices. However, this app gives us an option to get them wherever it is online. We downloaded the app to an iPad so let's see how this works.


After installing the app, the initial interface goes to a browser page where you could start searching for contents to download.

As you can see on the navigation menu, we initially landed on the Browser page.

Choose from a number of sources.
After choosing the free content, click Download.

On the Downloads page, you could track all your downloads (obviously).

After finishing the download, the downloaded file would reflect on your Files page.

You could play the music from here!


If you think that is all, then you haven't seen this yet. How about free videos on your iPad? However, for copyright reasons we are not allowed to download anything from YouTube. :(

Well, aside from YouTube we still have lots of resources available. Next to YouTube's popularity on video streaming we luckily have Vimeo. So let's see if we could.

We could actually rename the file. :)

Time to roll!


So there it is. I quite enjoyed the freedom of having different contents aside from what I have in the iTunes library. They also have this paid version of the app so you could access more features: Free Music Download Pro Plus.



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