Sunday, August 17, 2014

4 Tips for Finding Clinical Trials In Your Area

If you don't mind playing a guinea pig for a pharmaceutical company, clinical trials can be an easy way to earn a little extra cash. But where can you find them? How can you know that they're legitimate enterprises? Here are just four tips for finding the right kind of clinical trials.

1: Search Clinical Trial Sites

There are a number of websites devoted exclusively to the collecting and categorizing of clinical trials. Whether you're looking for a two-week smoking study or a six-month treatment regimen for a new anti-migraine medication, these websites will list them all.

2: Look Into National Organizations

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a section for clinical trials on their website. Other professional health organizations will have them as well. You can search by things like region, condition and duration to find the clinical trial that's right for you.

3: Hunt For Specific Studies

What kind of clinical trial are you hoping to find? The market is somewhat limited for healthy adults, but if you have a particular illness or disorder, you can start your search with organizations that center around it. For example, if you have cancer, look into the opportunities offered by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

4: Browse Community Websites

Craigslist is an easy way to find clinical trials, though you'll need to tread carefully to avoid scams. You might also have luck with online community billboards for your city or county.

If you're looking for your next mortgage payment, these are just four ways to find a reputable and legitimate clinical trial sponsor. Good luck!

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