Saturday, January 7, 2012

Recover Saved Passwords On Your Browser

Ever been to a situation where you totally forgot your password? After a while, you remembered that it is saved on your browser. You opened it and it's there. Yep, it's there -- hidden as bullets () or asterisks (*). Still, you want to know what it is; what it's been and what it still is. The problem: you cannot copy and paste. You just can't. Deal with it. Well, don't lose hope as Loading-Info gathered some ways to gain your password back.

For Internet Explorer users:
Or, for the passwords trapped inside your IE browser...

You can use BulletsPassView to show any password embedded on the password text box. Just go to to download and follow the instructions. You do not need to install anything for this.

Here's a sample screenshot from the Facebook login page and BulletsPassView:

For Google Chrome users:
Or, for the passwords trapped inside your Chrome browser...

This is going to be easy peasy pumpkin peasy.

On your opened browser, click the Tool icon and click Options.
Click Personal Stuff and go to Manage Saved Passwords.
Search from the list and select it.
Click Show. That's it. :)

For Firefox users? 

Well, here's a challenge for you. The first one to tell us on the comment section on how to reveal a password on a Firefox browser gets this space. (Linkback to your site included. *winks*)

Karl of Daftcoder shared this with us:

Reveal Password on Firefox:
Go to Options
Under Security Tab, click Save Passwords
That's it, just click Show Passwords

Thanks, Karl!

If you also know ways to recover saved passwords on other browsers (Opera, Safari, Komodo, etc), feel free to share it below so we could add it here and we'll credit your research ninja prowess. :)


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