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Planking Gone Viral on Philippine Schools and Universities, Beware.

I'm not quite sure if that warning goes to the university administrators OR to the students who indulge themselves to planking activities during free time (or during class hours). But without a doubt, planking has been popular on schools and universities recently - up to the point where the administrators need to implement suspensions to those who were caught in the act of planking on school premises.

To those who don't know what Planking is - it is an Internet meme or a fad where people lie face down, limbs all straight parallel to the body, and posting photos of their planking greatness on the Internet.

Here is a humble yet perfect example of how it is done:

Photo Credits: University of Cebu (UC) Planking

Planking has already been popular for the past few years, though with different terms like playing dead (South Korea), à plat ventre (France), facedowns (USA), and eventually ended up as planking (worldwide).

But of course, we're always a generation behind. That's why it just became popular lately. Another cause could be the sudden boom of the usage of social networking sites like Facebook where people can easily share and spread photos.

Factors affecting the awesomeness of a Planking activity

So you must still be wondering what the heck is with this activity that made it popular. If you can't even seem to like reading about it (but you are here reading this post, thanks!), you might want to understand* how planking really works.

*If there is something to understand.

Here is a simple Venn diagram I created. (Feel free to insult it.) :

You may copy and distribute, just don't claim it as your own.

In bullet points with descriptions:
  • Spectators - A planking without an audience is a boring plank. 
    • Spectators + Position = Awkwardness
    • Spectators + Location = Inappropriateness
  • Location - The more exclusive a location is, the better.
    • Location + Position = Danger
    • Location + Spectators = Inappropriateness
  • Position - The choreography of planking.
    • Position + Spectators = Awkwardness
    • Position + Location = Danger

Philippine Universities Went Planking 

Here is a short list I gathered of Philippine Universities' and Schools' Facebook fan pages about planking. Thanks to Facebook Search. Arranged according to number of fans:

  1. Far Eastern University >> FEU Planking - 21, 680
  2. Ateneo De Manila University >> Ateneo Planking - 5,931
  3. Centro Eskolar University >> CEU Planking - 4,727
  4. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas >> DLSU-D Planking - 3,001
  5. Bulacan State University >> Bulacan State University Planking - 2,478
  6. University of The Philippines, Diliman >> UP Cursor Planking Team - 1,152
  7. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas >> DLSU-Dasmariñas Planking - 975
  8. University of Cebu >> University of Cebu (UC) Planking >> 916
  9. Cavite State University >> CvSU Planking Official - 582
  10. Batangas State University >> Batangas State University Planking - 111

If I missed your university, feel free to post it below and this list shall be updated accordingly. Minimum of 100 likes to make this list neat. :) [List last updated: August 15]

Planking Positions
  • Balance Planking
One wrong move = fall off the cliff = injury = death. Photo Credits: CvSU Official

  • Group or Massive Planking
41 Students Planking during Science class (with Prof! tsk.) Photo Credits: Ateneo Planking

  • Two-Way Planking
Two-way planking @ DLSU-D CEAT Bldg. Photo Credits: DLSU-Dasmariñas Planking

  • Diagonal Planking
Lone stairs planking. Photo Credits: UP CURSOR Planking Team

  • Human Planking
Human Planking @ FEU. Photo Credits: FEU Planking

  • Float Planking
Awesomest I've seen so far. Photo Credits: Bulacan State University Planking

Wait, there's more [to planking!] - A little bit of history.

Did you know that on 16th century, African slaves where shipped and forced to sleep on wooden planks to save space?

The 16th century planking.* Much improvement since then, eh? (Credits)
* No intention to offend any race/ethnic here, posted for educational purpose only.

If you are a proud planker, you may share your planking endeavors below.
Tip: You may attach images on your comments!

Enjoy safe planking!

Edit: I'm pretty aware that planking can now be considered an old-school to many. But if you read what this post is all about it's not just about planking, it's about the universities and schools in the Philippines having had this hype just recently.

Photo used on the newspaper image (first photo) - Source: DLSU-Dasmariñas Planking | Newspaper Image Generator
Planking photos used without permission, but given credit. If you don't feel like getting featured here at L-I, feel free to contact me and your badge of awesomeness (your photo) will immediately be removed from this awesome post.

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