Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shelfari: A Safari of Virtual Books on Virtual Shelves lets you show off the books you love. It's the perfect place for book-lovers to share their interest and stories. 

Here's a screenshot of my virtual bookshelf:

The thing I liked here is: you are able to manage the books properly and label each book whether you own it, have read it, planning to read it, or is currently in your wishlist. You can even put additional information and customize a version of the book you own.

Example: The book is published in different versions and you want to see the exact book you have in your hands. If the search results brought you the book with a different book cover than that of what you own, you can Google the title, look for the book cover and save it, then upload it.

Here's how:
  1. Go to My Shelf. 
  2. Click the book on your shelf. 
  3. Click Choose your cover and browse the image file on your computer. 
  4. Then, click Upload.

Update: Shelfari now has an option which whenever you purchase a book via Amazon, it will automatically show on your shelf! (Of course, it will still refer to your preferences setting.)

You can browse my bookshelf here.

Shelfari - The Site For Books & Readers

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