Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Haptic Reader: Convert Words To Braille!

Introducing the Haptic Reader! It is designed to help blind people read real books. It uses haptics, a technology that plays with the human sense of touch by sending feedbacks to users. The Haptic Reader scans the page of the book and converts it to Braille. The electric signals create the projection of Braille characters on the flat surface.  It also has speakers to help those who cannot read Braille. It can be used as a bookmark, too!

This is how it works...

Some of the identified problems on the current reading system for the blind people are:
  • Limited number of Braille books
  • Limited number of languages
  • Difficult to find where you stopped reading so you could continue later
  • Difficult to share with others
This concept design is not far from the possibility to get real. The only problem I can identify as of now is how it would deal with book sizes and books with illustrations.

Designers: David Lee, Yuna Kim, and Hansub Lee


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