Friday, July 19, 2013

The Expansion of Online Gaming

We all know that the Internet has evolved considerably in the past few years, and gaming on computers is certainly nothing new. People have been playing games for well over 10 years on computers, and even mobile phones and other devices. However, the past few years have seen a drastic change in just how computer gaming works, with a greatly increased focus on interactive possibilities and community gaming.

Sure, basic computer arcade sites like Addicting Games remain incredibly popular - but the real growth in online gaming is in interaction. Here are the three most prominent examples of how the Internet is being used increasingly to join people together in social gaming spheres

App Gaming

Needless to say, there are now thousands upon thousands of cheap and free games that can be downloaded at the touch of a button to a mobile phone or tablet. This alone represents a massive new branch of the overall gaming industry, and allows people to stockpile entertaining games that they can tote around in their pockets. However, it's the interactive and competitive nature of app gaming that has kept it so hot. Users link games to social media accounts to share scores and achievements, and frequently the most popular games in app stores are those that involve direct competition with friends, such as Words With Friends, Draw Something, and Ruzzle. The games are great - but the interaction is addictive.

Casino Gaming

When many people use the term "online gaming," they're specifically referring to online gambling, or the massive, continually expanding casino industry that now exists on the Internet. Sites like Party Poker and generate incredible traffic bringing players into interactive gaming environments that simulate real life casinos. The hang-up with this particular aspect of online gaming is with legal concerns - for example, the United States government and gambling sites have been waging a much publicized battle about legalization for years now. However, the trend is without a doubt toward growth, and the increased spread of casino gaming sites with real money gambling opportunities.

Console Multiplayer

Finally, there's console multiplayer, which many enthusiastic gamers would call the pinnacle of modern gaming. You know the drill by now… most popular console games for Xbox, Playstation 3, etc. now include multiplayer modes that link to the Internet and throw users in with massive online communities of gamers. You can compete with or against friends or strangers, and even arrange to speak with them while playing. This is nothing new, but it's worth noting that games are increasingly being designed with more focus on multiplayer than other modes.

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