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The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and Bloggers for 2011 by L-I

The Influential Blogger is a writing project by Ms. Janette Toral where bloggers list their co-bloggers who deserve to be known and be heard around the blogosphere. This yearly project's objective is to bring these new bloggers with overflowing potential to light, where they deserve to be.

Here's the summary of the rules: For this year's project, pick 5-10 blogs that were started within April 2010 to the present, which is actually up to June 2011 to abide with the 3-month age of the blog this project requires for them to be qualified. 

The deadline for the submissions of the lists are today, September 7. The reason I created this just now is to have enough time to know more about the blogs and bloggers I wish to list as influential, and be able to meet bloggers and visit blogs I haven't visited yet that deserves to be a part of this list as well.

My initial list is limited to a few blogs and bloggers, which and whom I've seen the potential to be influential, and are already influential by the time I knew them. In the process, I've also visited blogs that I didn't know before, and were eventually added to my list after seeing that they deserve to be a part of it.

So without further ado, here's my 

"Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 
and Bloggers for 2011" 

and why I chose them.

1. Neeks & Gerds by Mike Cornish, started at February 2011

I've witnessed N&G on its beginnings. Unlike most blogs that also started with Blogger blogs, I know that this blog wouldn't be like any other. By the time it migrated to Wordpress and started to improve its design, that's when I told myself that this is getting more than what I have expected it to be. 

Neeks & Gerds has grown from a blog into a community. If you think the title says everything that you are to expect from this blog, you better check it first. Mike is a regular poster and I'm amazed at how he could keep it up at that rate. This is one trait most bloggers need to work at, but Mike is already on the road to mastery.

2. Unbox by Carlo Ople, started at February 2011

Unbox is administered by Mr. Carlo Ople, the editor-in-chief of and is currently the Head for Multimedia for TV5 (a tv network in PH). I've known this blog thanks to its name. It's short, simple, and when first I read it, it's like telling me - visit this blog to unbox and see what this is all about. So there I was, after I clicked the mysterious link and visited the blog for the first time, I immediately noticed the awesomeness in it.

The description suggests that the blog is for guys, and the topics are mostly about things a guy enjoys. But hey, why do I enjoy reading Unbox if I weren't a guy huh? Gadgets, cars, gaming, techs at hand, I enjoy these, too. My favorite part of Unbox are its giveaways. The past giveaway contests mostly consisted of headphones/sets as Mr. Ople's himself is an avid headphones addict. And I confess that this blog has turned me into an audiophile. 


3. LS Geekster Online by Kira Permunian, started at January 2011

The first time I've encountered Kira was from He's the top blogger on the Philippines category and from there I see the potential in him. You see, knowledge isn't everything. Knowledge is indeed power but without the proper execution of that power, it's useless. That's what I see about Kira, he's indeed very good at executing his know-hows and at keeping connections. He's been referred to as a blogging king by some. And from the timeline of his blogging career, he has already gathered achievements to be considered a true blogging king.

4. Meek Watcher by Ramcel Gatchalian, started at May 2011

While I was working on L-I's BlogFest project, I have made a review of the Meek Watcher blog which you can read to know more about it. The blog mainly encompasses of tips about blogging and online publishing. Mr. Ramcel also authors Food Hoppings, another awesome blog in the making.

5. Blogirature by Nonoy Avellanosa, started at May 2010

This blog was created on May last year but it has became known to me just lately. Blogirature is one of Mr. Nonoy Avenallosa's blogs, who also blogs at Cebu and Davao. The blog's main topics are, obviously, about blogging. But it also contains tips about online business and internet marketing. I chose this one mainly because the posts are undoubtedly helpful to those who need them.

6. Blogging-Techies by Christian Esperar, started at May 2011

Christian started with Site For Open Source, who himself created the term RECAPTION (Re Copy and Paste of Reaction), and eventually creating Blogging-Techies. His ideas are often innovative and I believe there's lot more to see about his new blog. To think that it already has gained a PR4 in months, is enough proof that there's something awesome hidden within the pages of this blog.

7. SEO Blogger by Argie Monroy, started at April 2011

Here's another talented folk around the blogosphere.SEO Blogger is, title-obvious, a blogger who either posts about SEO or is an SEO specialist himself who blogs, or both. I've also seen the transformation of the blog - from it's so-so look, now to its professional-looking theme. Anyway, what's more important are the contents. And that is why this blog is included on this list. See for yourself.

8. MyNetGadget by Kent Maureen, started at February 2011

MyNetGadget is a blog about gaming, gadgets, blogging, and technology. Kent is a fellow Pinay blogger and I felt glad to have met a Pinay blogger around the blogosphere who's also into tech blogging. Mind you, she's also a regular poster and she'll make sure the readers are always up to date with gaming and tech news. I can also see a potential leadership in her. I notice that she often gives advice when she sees the need to advise. Another awesome blogger to watch for.

9. Bennixville by Ben Baygas, started at January 2011

Like Kira and Kent, Ben is also from Davao. (That city must be a city full of talented people.) Bennixville is not a game (haha), it is a blog about tech, blogging, computers, gadgets, and other geeky stuff. I often get to know things I didn't know before when I visit the blog. There are indeed gems you can collect upon visiting Bennixville. You might take home a free domain name, too.

10. Halojin by Jonjon Mendoza Susi, started at April 2011

I've known Halojin from the ancient times, I meant when I started my blog on 2010 (before L-I's hiatus) and when I went back to the blogosphere (on February 2011) I was shocked at the improvement of his blog. Before, I can say that the blog was way too cluttered. But then as they say, there's always a room for improvement. And this metamorphosis has resulted to what the blog is today. And I can say that I'm so impressed. Way to go, Halojin!

That's it. Take note that this list is for the emerging influential bloggers so don't kill me if I haven't included your favorite A-list blog here. Anyway, there's always a next time and let's see who I'll be listing on the next year's project.


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