Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cloud Storage Fosters Networking and Communication

There was a time when the Iomega zip drive with their 1 MB disks was considered the latest and greatest way to store data. This was a huge benefit for those who worked in graphics since the floppy disks were ill equipped to store any graphic in its raw format. Now, the zip drives have been replaced by external hard drives that act as a portable storage device. 

This is a great way for someone to take files from one anchored computer to another if they are working from home. Even with the conveniences of the small pocket drives, they still are not a good solution for networking within a company or a group of people. Online networking and sharing is the easiest way to store, retrieve, edit and replace information for a group that needs to be able to communicate in other formats than emails.

It's not just businesses that benefit from this type of community information. Non-profit groups, book clubs, kid's sports leagues and even family members can use an online cloud storage area to work on projects together or edit documents and newsletters. All of this is available without leaving home, so the work can be done anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. While it is very beneficial to field reporters or bloggers, it is equally important for someone like the officers of a motorcycle group that has a national base of participants to coordinate material for an upcoming motorcycle rally. By using a cloud system, leaders can post notes, instructions, information and lists of projects that need completed for events and calendars.

A cloud based system that is more than a storage area is a popular alternative to emailing documents and forms. When someone uses a cloud storage that has built-in editors for word processing, spreadsheets and publishing like Zoho docs does, the need for committee meetings to discuss details and designs can be eliminated. Everyone with access to the storage area can immediately check on the progress of the project without holding a single meeting. This frees up time for more important tasks.

Cloud based storage areas are not just accessed from a stationary computer or a laptop; they have mobile applications that allow access from cellphones, tablets and other devices. Created files are normally compatible with big name software. By using online open source software, those without those pricey programs do not need to buy them in order to view the files.

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