Monday, November 18, 2013

Why you Should Consider Iridium Phone on your Communication Network?

The graph above shows the voice traffic from each Iridium Phone connected via satellite. This is just one of the features of an Iridium Phone, just look at all the traffic even if you're not in land. Yes, the Iridium satellite network can connect you anywhere in the world, even in the sea.

How does this work? Here's a neat illustration showing how an Iridium Phone can connect you to just anywhere you could possibly imagine:

On land, it could connect to fixed landline phones and mobile phones. Then the connection will be transferred via satellite through the Iridium Satellite Earth Station connecting you to any GPS point on both sea and land.

How this could help your communication network?

Say you are running a cargo ship business and you wanted to verify the status for each ship that has landed and departed from your port. You can install an Iridium system to your ship and your land-based office.

This could also help with land-based systems. For example, you have a worldwide delivery business. You can track the status of your packages even in the most remote areas because the Iridium phone is connected via satellite and it can detect you anywhere you go.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with the Iridium phone and its satellite network. It could help with everything your communication network needs, as what it deserves to have.

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