Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dragon Blogger: The Flaming Hot Technotainment Blog

As we are now in the era of smartphones and computers, there are a bunch of technology blogs sprouting everywhere. They feature the latest news about technology, gadget reviews, startup companies to large corporations, and anything related to our digital experience. But the Dragon Blogger is not your typical tech blog.

The Dragon Blogger is no other than Mr. Justin Germino. The blog started last June 2008. I found out that the origin of the Dragon logo was from his tattoo! Read this post on how he used a free paint program to convert his tattoo to his blog logo.

First thing I noticed while browsing the posts is that the blog is also multi-authored. And the writing staff consists of people with familiar faces. One is Mr. Victor Salazar or also known as Metallman from Metallman's Reverie. Ms. Persian Poetess of one of the blogs I featured on BlogFest - Trending Poetry, is also a writer on this blog!

Main topics include computer tips, gaming news and reviews, film reviews, things related to the Web, gadgets, and discussions about the latest tech news. It's a complete pack of technology plus entertainment you can find here.

The layout and design is cool. However, I'm not a fan of images getting stretched and out of proportion and I noticed that some images that are far from being a rectangle (and closer to being a square) are stretched horizontally. Others with small scale are even zoomed in and gets blurry. But I guess it's in the theme.

I've read some film reviews and I can tell that they're outstanding. The post is complete with details about the film - the film poster, trailer/s, DVD features, and rating stars. There's also reviews of tv shows featured here. Most of these film and tv show reviews are from Ms. Aidy of Aidy's Poetry.

The game reviews are also seamless. They feature the latest games released and the latest gaming consoles. Anything a gamer should know about. Most of the gaming posts are from the Metallman.

Mr. Samir Saurav Majhi posts things related to Windows, computer tips, and software. Other tech writers are Mr. Venkatesh Atluri who posts about gadgets and Mr. Jeevan Jacob John from TechPupil who posts about blogging tips, SEO, and social media.

It's like reading a tech magazine here at Dragon Blogger!

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